VisionTek Smart LED Lightning to USB Charge & Sync Cable

Benedict Corpuz October 1, 2015 0
VisionTek Smart LED Lightning to USB Charge & Sync Cable

VisionTek Smart LED Lightning to USB Charge & Sync Cable


Smart LED

Wide Lightning End

This MFi certified cable gives one another option to charge their Apple devices. The OEM cables are good, but are limited in length and not to mention suffer from the problem of the cable sleeve buckling and tearing on the ends. The ends of this cable are reinforced with aluminum. The plastic sleeve feels a little tougher than the OEM cable’s. This cable is in it for the long run.

The lightning end houses an LED that flashes red while it is charging up to 90%. Above 90% it flickers green. When your device hits 100%, the LED becomes ¬†solid green. This shows you how much your device is charged without waking it up. The lightning end may be a little too big for some cases where the opening is a “just fit” space for the OEM cable. Luckily, I only had one case where this was a problem. It was a case I didn’t use much.

Some cables are optimized for charging only, but this easily syncs data also. I wasn’t sure if the flickering LED was showing my data being transferred or if it was just charging. I was able to sync my iPad and iPhone with ease.

I’ve been using this cable for over a month now. I really love it. It’s long. It charges and syncs. It let’s you know how it’s charging. Even with the larger lightning end, I don’t think most people would have any problems.

Get your own directly from VisionTek here.


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