DeepCool GamerStorm Tristellar SW mITX PC Case

Benedict Corpuz December 1, 2017 0
DeepCool GamerStorm Tristellar SW mITX PC Case

DeepCool Tristellar SW mITX Case

The DeepCool GamerStorm Tristellar SW Case is the most unique case I have ever worked with. I really love the form factor. This case has a windowed version and a regular version. I opted for the windowed version so that my GPU and SSDs could be visible. There are 3 sections in this case that have designated spots for various components. This is not the easiest case to work with so I don’t suggest it for beginners.

The bottom left section (if looking from the front) houses the PSU and has space for two full 3.5” mechanical hard drives. One can also mount an optical drive in between the HDDs as well. There are plate replacements for the front panel should one choose to do so for either tray or slot loading drives. Getting cables from this section to the other section was a little tricky.

The case has room in the top section for a single air-cooled GPU.
It can support GPUs that are extra long or ones take up to 3 slots. The SSD side supports up to 3. The GPU and SSDs have ports that are fixed with extensions reaching to the section that houses the motherboard.

The bottom right section houses an mITX motherboard. It’s big enough for a normal cooler on top of the CPU. This all fits on the back half. This spot can also house a 120x120mm radiator should one choose to install a water cooler for the CPU.

This a a really great case for those looking to build a unique looking PC. Space is definitely a constraint, so double check your components before installation. I highly recommend this case.


Unique Look
Solid Construction

Cable Management can be difficult
May have trouble with many air CPU cooler
Bigger footprint than a tower


You can find this case on Amazon:


Check out my unboxing and build below:

Components of this build:
DeepCool Gamerstorm Tristellar SW Case
AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming-Wifi Motherboard
Ballistix Elite DDR4-300 (2x16GB) Memory
Radeon R7 SSD
Thermaltake 430w PSU

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