Spaghetti time! Using my Amazon Prime Day Spoils

Benedict Corpuz July 19, 2015 0
Spaghetti time! Using my Amazon Prime Day Spoils

Amazon Prime Day Spoils

Like everyone else, I was expecting some really good deals to happen on Amazon Prime Day. I was sitting and watching, but a little late on the trigger for the $75 32-inch TV and $115 40-inch TV.

What did catch my eye were a set of Farberware Knives for $30.99 and a Bialetti Pasta Pot for $23.99. I also got a Chef Hat for $3.93. The hat was my favorite along with many of my friends.

Even though I ordered separately, Amazon consolidated my orders and I got free same-day shipping. I ordered at 10am and received my items around 6:30pm. That’s one perk of subscribing to Amazon Prime while living in a metropolitan area. 

Here’s me in the chef hat. Everyone loved that pic.


Spaghetti Time

I figured that I should break in my new hardware by cooking up a meal. I decided that I should cook spaghetti. I chopped up onions and tomatoes with my new knives and used the pot to boil up my pasta. I made a video, too.

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