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Benedict Corpuz May 28, 2014 1
As a gamer I just like to play. I don’t discriminate on what machine I am playing. I play on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, tablets, mobile phones, and PCs.

When it comes to PCs, each one is different. Some people have high end machines, some have basic machines. Some people don’t even know what hardware they are using. 

Our hardware choices can be dictated by what we are able to afford, or even what machine is available to us by the school, what’s issued to us, or  mom and dad bought for us when we went to college. Again, each is one different.

That being said, hardware shouldn’t penalize a game. Hardware is made to enhance games. Whether your system can run a game at Ultra, High, Medium, or Low, the hardware is suppose to help out. Games should be universal for the most part.

It’s great to see how hardware can make a game shine, but shouldn’t be penalized for not.
Games programmed for GameWorks technology on Nvidia hardware, such as Watch Dogs is penalized when run on a system with AMD Hardware.

AMD on the other hand is trying to optimize access to the GPU from the CPU, any hardware, by utilizing it’s open Mantle API. Mantle can be used in conjunction with Nvidia hardware should the programmers or users choose to utilize it.

So while AMD is trying to be more universal, Nvidia is trying to segregate. This is bad news for gamers. Do the hardcore gamers need to start making specific AMD and Nvidia machines?

I just want to play on the hardware of my choice without being penalized for my choice.

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