DeepCool Genome II Case w/ Pre-installed Water Cooling

Benedict Corpuz September 7, 2017 0
DeepCool Genome II Case w/ Pre-installed Water Cooling

Keeping It Cool Ryzen Rig

PC Builders want their personalized rigs to have a uniqe and great look. This Deepcool Gamerstorm Genome II features a pre-installed watercooling system for the CPU. It comes with the pump, fans, radiator, and even thermal paste. That’s a few less steps for someone to think about when building a customized rig.


The CPU pump pulses and the light refracts through the bent tube perfectly. The case does look great with the helix tube on the front of the machine. I do wish the LEDs to show off the helix were positioned a little better and a little brighter so they can be more visible in the dark.


IMG_8631 IMG_8626


The case itself has lots of space to fit your board. I love how there is a shroud to cover the power supply and cables, but at the same time shows you the logo on the PSU. There’s also a plate in the front that shield the eyes from loose cables that connect to the front of the case. The case also has a pop out plate inside the case in case you happen to own an extra-long GPU. I chose to mount my GPU vertically inside my case. This case luckily supports vertical mounts and include a PCIe riser cable.


IMG_8635 IMG_8634

There are two mounting slots for SSDs on the back of the motherboard with a slide-out plate so you don’t have to worry about detaching the motherboard before unscrewing it from the back plate. There is also space inside the shroud for 2x 3.5″ drives. These are also hidden from view.

IMG_8632 IMG_8630

I’m very happy with this case. The case looks great and my components look great in it. Having a water cooling system pre-installed helps cut installation time down to a minimum.


Customizable for any build style.
Water Cooling is pre-installed
Lower Shroud hides cables
Thermal paste is also included


LED on front Helix tube isn’t bright enough.
The radiator at the top only allows just enough space to get the CPU power cable through. It could be a tad higher.


IMG_8611 IMG_8618

I created a new build with the following components.

-DeepCool Genome II 360 Case w/ pre-installed Water Cooling System
-AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
-MSI X370 Gaming Titanium Motherboard
-Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x8GB DDR4 Memory
-XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB
-Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD
-Samsung 24″ SE370 LED Freesync Monitor
I bought this case from Amazon here 
IMG_8640 IMG_8639

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