Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger by ThinkGeek

Benedict Corpuz July 28, 2015 1
Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger by ThinkGeek

From April Fools to Geeky Tools


What was once an April Fool’s joke is now a reality. I’m a sucker for all things back to the future. Even though I already own a full sized replica, I wanted this for my car. My brother grabbed one for me from the ThinkGeek booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Let’s open up the package, see what’s inside, and install it. Check out my video below.

Even though my car already has 2 USB ports for charging and interfacing with my car, I can easily use these two extra ports provided by the mini Flux Capacitor. There are 2 USB Ports on this device. It comes with one 1A USB port as well as one higher powered 2.1A USB Port.

The cigarette adapter is long enough that the awkward shape should allow it to fit in many cars.

For most, the 2 ports this provides is plenty enough, especially on longer car rides.

There is an on/off switch for the light effect. This really shines when you turn on the flashy lights. The lights are really, really bright. Don’t look at it directly!

I can’t wait to see what other geeky car accessory toys ThinkGeek comes up with.

Just for kicks, here it is pictured next to it’s 1:1 scale replica bigger brother.



If you want your own, ThinkGeek has them for sale here

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