My "Anniversary" +Loot Crate unboxing.

Benedict Corpuz December 26, 2014 0
My "Anniversary" +Loot Crate unboxing.

I was excited to hear that this crate was going to be the biggest ever. It sure did have a lot of surprises and did not disappoint.

Joker Batman looks cool. it kind of confused me. I didn't know whether it was Joker as Batman, or Batman as Joker. I eventually figured it was the latter.

There are plenty of Tetris stickers to make many different designs.

The vanilla scented Captain America air freshener is going straight into my car.

My Ghostbusters do hangar is already on my doorknob.

Some people think that the Mighty Wallet will fall apart, but in my experience with the tyvek, I know it is durable and will last a long time. I love that many of the The Simpsons characters are pictured on the inside and outside of the wallet.

The baby Groot Socks are my favorite. I put them on and they made my feet want to dance.

Anniversary button

And a candy cane! I don't know why, but I love finding tasty treats.

Last, but not least is the Batman Endgame comic with exclusive cover.

The shipping box turns into the Batcave!

Let's see what Loot Crate brings to the game next month.

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