Uglydoll loves you, and also Candy.

Benedict Corpuz April 4, 2014 0
Uglydoll loves you, and also Candy.

Reshared post from +David Horvath

What's with the Korean Uglydoll logo? 

Did you know Uglydoll was invented and founded in Korea, by a Korean artist? Yes, also by an artist from NYC, mostly while riding the #6 train. But it all started in Korea.

Anyway, we have moved back to Korea to further dig into why we started Uglydoll in the first place… 

You know how they KEEP photoshopping magazine covers and they KEEP pushing XYZ la-di-da in your face all the time? Know why they do that? 
Because they want you to change. 
Cover up. 

Well, we want you to be exactly what you are. 
The professor was wrong, you ARE special. 
Not the "win for showing up" kind of special… not like that.

We want you to embrace those little twists and turns which make you who you are and shout those funny quirks from the rooftops… that which makes you YOU is going to save us and push the human race forward. When you hide or alter that which makes you YOU, we all suffer. 
Don't listen to the magazine covers. 

Think this is a mere sales pitch blah blah? 
Just watch.
We walk the walk. 
We love you, and also candy. 
Stay UGLY.

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