I can't wait to see how this pans out.

Benedict Corpuz June 10, 2013 1
I can't wait to see how this pans out.

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Hey, +Vic Gundotra, you should check out Umoove: face and eye tracking that blows away Samsung

What does Umoove do? It lets you use your regular phone's camera, or iPad, to add really advanced face and eye detection. This is really crazy. I shot two videos with these guys today. The first, I shot on Google Glass where CTO Yitzi Kempinski shows my son, Ryan, how he can use his eyes to control his iPad. 

Pretty crazy. The second video is shot more professionally and will be up later tonight.

Will iOS 7 have this built in? No one knows but this blows away the eye technology from Samsung. Everyone should check this out. Shipping soon (they will announce some stuff later this week at the E3 game conference).

The future is crazy. 

Oh, and thanks +Hillel Fuld  for continuing to tell me about these guys. 

Vic, they are in town until Tuesday. I'll connect you if you are interested. I'd love Google to buy this company and include this technology in future versions of Android and Google Glass.

How defensible is it? 15 patents already with more on the way (and a lot of contextual plans).

On days like this I wish I was an investor and had money to invest. This company is about to be on a rocket ride.

Get the SDK at http://umoove.me/getSDK.aspx


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    Cool wassup!

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